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Published Sep 6, 2017

Finding The Best Portable Vaporizer For Dry Herb

Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking. You can vape oils, wax, dry herbs and liquids, provided that you choose the right vaporizer. If you want to vape dry herbs and you need a lightweight device, you should search for a best portable vaporizer for dry herb. There are many brands and models available, so you have to figure out how to choose the best of them.

First of all, you have to set your priorities right, so that you can narrow down your search to those models that suit your requirements. If you don’t care about the ability of setting the vaping temperature, you may not want to pay the extra money to purchase a vaporizer that offers this feature. You may as well save your money and find a better use for it. If, on the contrary, you want to have full control over your hit, you should research those high-end portable vaporizers for herb that allow you to adjust your vaping experience to suit your personal taste.

The battery life could be another detail to take a closer look at before making your final choice. If you are always on the run, if you have to put up with long commutes or if you are an outdoor lover who can’t live without the proper daily marijuana fix, you should seek for devices with longer battery life. You should also research the cost of spare batteries and the charging time, as these two factors are going to influence your satisfaction.

The heat up time is something to think about, as well. Whenever you feel like vaping, you want to be able to feel the vapor right away, rather than waiting for half minute or even longer. If you want fast onset of action, you should search for a vaporizer that has a very short heat up time. There are some models that are ready to use in as little as 15 seconds.

Since we live in the age of technology, you may want your herbs vaporizer to be connected to your smartphone. In this case, you should seek for devices that can be controlled via their corresponding iOS or Android apps. There are some mid-range priced ones that offer this feature.

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The vapor quality is something you can’t overlook without suffering. Apparently, the best vaporizers and the ones with ceramic chamber, as they produce a clean and soft vape. Ceramic is inert, so it doesn’t alter the quality of the vape as it passes through.

Versatility and durability are two more things to consider when choosing your vaporizer. In addition, you may enjoy some additional functions and accessories such as a herb grinder. More often than not, you’ll be able to purchase herb that’s ready to use. Nonetheless, if you want to be able to prepare loose leaf on the go, you’ll be happy to have a device with a grinder.

Last but not least, most users want their vaporizers to be easy to clean. If this is also one of your prerequisites, avoid complicated devices that require patience and craft skills to be cleaned.

Always search for user reviews before making a purchase. Find out what other people have to say about the vape pens on your shortlist, as they may influence your final decision.

If you follow the above tips when you shop around for the best portable vaporizer for dry herbs, you’ll end up with a sleek and durable device, able to deliver you high quality vape each and every time. Just take your time and search until you find the perfect device that’s going to give you the desired satisfaction.

How to Choose the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

Not all dry herb vaporizers are created the same. This is something that you probably already know on some level. Where a vaporizer is made, the parts that it uses, the company that has made it, the features that it has and the reviews that you can find on the Internet all the things that collectively work to help you find the right vaporizer. On the cheap and the, you have the run-of-the-mill China special, inexpensive, mediocre made vaporizers that probably aren’t going to last a very long time. So how much you pay will matter.

When someone says that they want the best dry herb vaporizers when it comes to price click here, we typically are thinking something $150 or higher. If you look around, there many brands of dry herb vaporizers in that price range and higher that will reviewed on the Internet, whose owners really love them and recommend to other people. The truth of the matter is that when you get to the high range of dry herb vaporizers, say, $150-$400 you really can’t find a bad dry herb vaporizer. It really comes down to personal preference but you might find things that annoy you.

This is why you need to read plenty of reviews looking for the best dry herb vaporizers because you don’t want to spend your money on something that you won’t like. So you are unlikely to have mechanical problems or electrical problems but they can be little things that just don’t fit what you are looking for. It might use an electrical system that doesn’t operate the way that you wanted to, you might not want to press a lot of different buttons, you might want all your controls assessable by individual buttons, you might want to have it linked to your smart phone so that you can control temperature that way, there’s so many little things that can make the experience a lot greater and convenient. So figuring out those are the kind of things that you want are in those kind of things are just extras that don’t mean anything to you.

Typically what the average person has enjoyed, when it comes to higher and dry herb vaporizers, the majority of people will also find value in those vaporizers check our Arizer Solo 2 Review. They pretty much will do everything that you want them to do. They will pretty much be easy to use and they will last for very long time.

We write a lot of articles on the subject because so many people Google each and every day looking for the best dry herb vaporizers. The truth of the matter is that start with a decent price level, look at the features and benefits, take a look at the design, the features, the layout, where the buttons are, check and see if it is digital, learn about the battery life, how long does it last on the charge at various temperatures, and just do your homework about these various things and you will figure out what you’re looking for.


We suggest that after reading this article, that you take a look at our website, that you take a look at all the various dry herb vaporizers that we have, look at the ones that are midpriced and higher and you definitely will find something that you like. Read reviews about them, watch videos about them, to learn everything that you can and see if it fits what you are looking for. It’s a pretty easy process and is a fun process if you are to get into this hobby.

As you can see, finding a high-quality dry herb vaporizer is very easy these days. Maybe five years ago it was a lot more difficult because we didn’t have a lot of quality manufacturers building them, but vaporizing has become so popular, people have demanded better vaporizers that now it is very easy to find a high-quality model. It ultimately comes down to what you’re looking for in the form of features and benefits. But pretty much once you pay a certain price level you just can’t find a bad model. It ultimately just comes down to personal preference.